Scohen Sandra cohen
2 min readMay 16, 2021


How I support the Republician party without sending money

I am a senior and don’t have a lot of extra money. Every day I get several requests from my fellow Republicans to make a donation.

Since I can’t afford to send money I do the next best thing. I support many people on radio, tv, and big tech companies.

Several years ago I was a big fan of late night tv. the Jimmies. Now they are not at all funny and some things they say are hurtful. Shame on Kimmel making fun of children. I can’t watch Biden, Kamala, and Hilary. Sorry to say they are dumb people and a poor excuse for trying to run our country.

I’m also done with Fox News. I watched them day and night. I hope I helped destroy their ratings. I do like Tucker and Sean but the rest of the bunch, not much. I do like Jeanine Pierro and Dana Perino but gave them up.

I also stopped drinking coke. Yes, bite my mouth to spite my face. Not happy with Walmart either. Gave them up.

I also gave up Facebook,Marriott, and American Express. Will not use BP for gasoline and never was a big fan of Twitter

Now for news I watch Newsmax. They are a great intelligent bunch of hosts. I trust their opinion and enjoy their sometimes humor.

I gave up the Academy Awards and all the award shows. I don’t listen to Barbra Streisand and don’t go to any movies with Robert De Niro.

Then there are the movie stars. How do they expect to draw an audience when they say awful things about the people they hope to buy tickets to their movies. You dislike Republicians and use nasty words to describe them. You want me to vote for you but call us names. You make sick jokes about Republicans and want us to laugh with you.

This all started years ago with comedy clubs. Comedians making fun of themselves which gave other comedians permission to make fun of them. And here we are today . Making fun of each other which seems like we are dividing the country. I hope I’m wrong. People don’t talk to me in my neighborhood and I’m told when I go visiting “don’t talk politics.

A woman was playing cards in her own house and threw a senior out because she was a Republician.

Sitting on a plane a woman changed her seat when she found out the stranger was a democrat.

I hope mr. Trump comes back as president. He was the best!!!