Scohen Sandra cohen
2 min readFeb 4, 2021


I met a lovely man at the pharmacy. We were waiting our turn to enter the store. This was during the COVID-19 virus. We have so much in common. We are both from the Bronx. He lives 2 streets away from me in a retirement community in West Palm Beach, Florida. We both like to eat out. I mean outside the restaurant. Or we have food delivered. We both love sushi, Chinese, and pizza. We have spent many nights together eating ice cream.

The trouble is I never see him. His hours are different than mine. I. Haven’t seen him in weeks but we talk on the phone every day. I have a picture of us together so I don’t forget what he looks like. I go to sleep at 9pm . I wake up at 6am. At 3pm I need a nap. I wake up from my nap at 5pm. He goes to sleep at 3am or 4am and wakes up around 1pm or 2pm. . So you see the problem. At around 5pm he needs a nap. Sometimes when I wake from my nap he has left me a message.

The other issue is our health. He has a bad back. I have a bad back. He has bathroom problems and so do I. One day his back hurts. The next day my back hurts. Once or twice a month when we are both okay we can go for a ride or eat out.

We get along famously. We both love to sing and I play the piano. We did that once or twice. I saw him on New Years Eve and my birthday. If all goes well I’ll see him on Sunday. It’s his birthday. Oh no! Can’t see him on Sunday . It’s Super Bowl Sunday. He loves football. He spends Sundays with his family.

I’ll keep you posted,

Sandy Cohen