I’m 82 years old with health conditions living in the new normal

Scohen Sandra cohen
3 min readJul 9, 2020

Hi from Palm Beach, Florida. Yes, I’m going to have a birthday soon. I didn’t think this would happen so fast but yes it’s here. 82!!! . Guess what.! I’m no longer a blonde. As a matter of fact I am completely grey. But a beautiful grey. Like shiny silver grey. I just found out how beautiful my hair is since I can no longer color it. And it’s so soft with gorgeous curls. Well, i deserve it because I grew up with the ugliest disgusting kinky brown hair you ever saw. I did straighten it over the years but as a kid we didnt know about straightening hair. One day when I was about 12 years old my aunt Dotty took me to Harlem in New York to straighten my hair. Two of my aunts and my mother had the same kinky disgusting hair as me. It’s funny but I had fourteen first cousins and I’m the only one gifted with the Friedman hair.

So now I’m 82 years old with gorgeous soft curly hair. My daughters have lovely curly hair but one who shall remain nameless straightens her hair to this day. I’m not sure but I think she could buy my condo for what it costs her every year to straighten her hair. So on with my story. I live alone in a senior community in West Palm Beach. I go to my pool several times a week to exercise my legs. I have spinal stenosis which is very painful to deal with. I had surgery two years ago but it failed. Take my advice. Don’t have the surgery. My pain doctors nurse will tell you the same thing. She sees failed surgeries every day. Instead , I have become an 82 year old who takes marijuana . My pain doctor prescribes Tylenol with codeine which takes away the pain. But I still have trouble with balance. I walk like an old drunken woman with beautiful curly hair. I Thought I would slip that in. The other thing I take is CBD oil. If my pain doctor is reading this….sorry….it is what it is. My internist told me not to tell the pain doctor about CBD. He said the pain doctor would drop me.

CBD oil. I read all about it and someone very close to me, who is in my bloodline introduced me to CBD oil. Because I didn’t want this person to go to jail for being my “guy” , I got a medical marijuana card. It cost me 100 dollars for the doctor visit and 75 dollars for the state license. CBD helps with the balance and the pain and my trouble sleeping.

If I don’t nap during the day I am a zombie at 5pm. If I go to bed at 7pm I need to wear my “double duty” mask to keep the sun out of my eyes in bed. So If I go to bed at 7pm I’m up at 9pm. I lay in bed till 10pm and then take some CBD oil. I fall back to sleep till 6am. With this sleep schedule I eat breakfast at 7am, eat lunch at 11am and dinner at 5pm. I also take CBD during the day.

The Corona- 19 has changed all our lives. I only go food shopping once a week. No malls, no clubhouse, no card games, no visitors just the phone and zoom. I walk to the mailbox and do laundry in my building. When I go to the mailbox I put on lipstick.

I am going to stock up on food and paper goods for November. I worry about trouble in November. I want to close by saying everyone be careful. I just got a delivery of pepper spray.