Meet my doctors , Schlemiels and Their office minions

Scohen Sandra cohen
2 min readApr 7


Here I am in Florida looking for a good doctor. I met a lot of nice guys but good doctors no.

Finally found a nice guy who seemed like a good doctor. He wanted to give me a test to see if this treatment would work.

We don’t know the outcome because the doctor hit a nerve and I had unbelievable pain. He was so sorry. Gave me prescription for pain pills and tried to make an appointment for this test where I would get anesthesia to put me to sleep. That was in December .

Three months later I called and finally got an appointment. They texted the date and time but not the location.

Tried several times to get the location but to no avail. Finally I was told that I would be called with the location the day before the procedure.

Well you can guess, I was never called. So the night before we took a ride looking for the clinic. I had a name and a phone number so I called. And called and called. The address I found didnt exist

So at 7am on the day of the appointment i called and called

Finally the office opened. “Where do I go. I don’t have an address.” “Oh sorry I’ll have someone call you back in a few minutes.”

I never got the call back

Maybe the doctor quit

Maybe he is sick

Maybe he didn’t know we had an appointment


The office texted me the day before reminding me about my appointment.

And all this time I am in a lot of pain.

Just a friendly reminder…

Dear doctors and minions. You Don’t work in a candy store or a shoe store or a clothing store . You work where sick adults and children go to get better. If you don’t get the importance of your job find another.

Are you looking for a doctor? Message me and I’ll tell you where not to go.

Next week I’ll tell you another story of a doctor who I liked a lot but not his staff.