I am 82 years old and I Met a Man

Scohen Sandra cohen
2 min readNov 7, 2020


It happened in May, 2020. My pharmacy, being very small, only allowed one person to enter at a time. They set up chairs outside the entrance. So one day I was sitting there, waiting my turn, when a man came along. He seemed nice and I was friendly but we couldn’t see each other’s face. It was the middle of the pandemic. So we got to talking. We had a lot in common. His long time girlfriend was dying in a nursing home and my aunt in the same home didn’t have much time left. Neither of them had the virus. I shared with him how a volunteer in the home called my family once a week so that we could talk to my aunt. My new friend knew nothing about this service that the nursing home provided. I gave him the telephone number of the volunteer and we became friends.

Several months later both my aunt and the girlfriend passed away. The girlfriend’s funeral was in Florida, where we lived, so he was able to attend. My aunt was buried in New Jersey and they didn’t allow Zoom. My New York family went to the funeral but the Florida family saw part of it on relatives’ phones.

We are still friends . Like I said, we have a lot in common. We both have bad backs. We both don’t sleep well. We both have stomach issues. He has pancreatitis and I have irritable bowel. I give him over the counter sleeping pills and he gives me socks he gets from the VA. I cook him dinner and he brings wine and cookies. He just offered me suppositories that his girlfriend stocked up on . He drives me to buy CBD oil and I drive him to the doctor.

The one thing we don’t have in common is our sleeping hours. I go to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 7am. He goes to sleep at 6am and wakes up around 2pm or later. Then at 5:30pm he takes a nap. So, if he wants to come over to watch tv, he wants to come at 7pm. 7pm is when i put my nightgown on, so it’s difficult to get together. He is a lovely man and he lives close by.

We have a platonic relationship. It’s very nice. Like a new girlfriend, except he is a guy. He likes when I play the piano for him and he and I are really into music.

Regarding our health, I forgot to mention he has a fib and I have spinal stenosis. We do everything together . Next month we are both going for a colonoscopy.