Scohen Sandra cohen
2 min readNov 29, 2021


My daughter made a wonderful thanksgiving dinner. She invited the parents of her son’s girlfriend. They were lovely people. The conversation quickly moved on from movie stars to food to dogs. My daughter recently got a little puppy. Her name is Brenda. She is 7 weeks old. All night and day she pee’s and poops in the house. We let her out all day but she prefers to do her business in the entire house. The lovely couple told us about their dog, Tyson. Tyson is 4 months old but he still does pee and poop in the house. So, after a lovely dinner our guests went home. They were a little worried about Tyson as they usually don’t leave Tyson alone in the house for very long. A couple of hours after they left they called us. Tyson went to all the windows looking for his parents. He broke three sets of blinds hanging on three windows.

My daughter and I were exhausted . I went to bed before my daughter. She gave me her room to sleep in and she slept in a bed in her office.I fell asleep. Around midnight my grandson ran into the office to wake his mother. “Something is wrong with Brenda” he said. She is out of it and shaking and crying. My daughter ran into her bedroom, took off her pajamas and dressed. My grandson yelled. “Hurry up”. I never heard a thing. They came home 2:30 in the morning $455. Poorer and Brenda on antibiotics. I never heard a thing.

The next day we were all relaxing on the couch watching tv. Next to me was Brenda and next to Brenda was my daughter. Brenda is a black dog. The couch is also black. I was sitting on the end of the couch where if you press a button the back goes down. Another button makes the foot rest come up. I wanted to get up. I pressed a button, Brenda fell off the couch, the foot rest went down on her tiny body. My daughter screamed, I sat frozen. I was in shock! I didn’t know which button to press. My grandson ran over, pressed the button and Brenda is fine.

My holiday ended when I came home. My friend was unloading his car and he accidentally pushed my alarm on my keychain. The alarm screeched and screeched for 10–15 minutes when I finally found the plug to shut it up.

Have a happy thanksgiving to all and to all a good night

Sandy Cohen